Joshua Academy empowers, educates, and transforms students. At Joshua Academy we use a unique, challenging, culturally-based program that creates confidence, promotes lifelong learning and eliminates achievement gaps. We have a 15-year history of continual institutional growth, and proven, measurable academic results. Our existence means a stronger, safer, and more competitive community positioned for future growth.

Our Founders Story

In 1998 Rev. Larry A. Rascoe and several community leaders with support from Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church and funding from St. Mary’s Medical Center started Joshua Academy. The goal was to provide a creative, quality, educational model that was sensitive to the unique needs of students deemed to be “at-risk” that resided in the central- city of Evansville, IN. A commissioned study revealed that students who resided in the central-city of Evansville measured below their peers on every standardized test evaluated. Central-city students also were found to have higher rates of truancy and discipline issues. Moreover, the study suggested that the expectation level of staff was lower for these children and there was a direct correlation between success and family income levels.

Joshua Academy opened as a private faith-based school with 65 students. Today it is composed of three not-for-profit entities (Joshua Academy Educational Enterprises); a private faith-based preschool, a public K-6 charter school, and in the Fall of 2014 a 7th/8th public charter school teaching farm. We currently host an enrollment of 335 students (70 in the preschool and 265 in the K-6 charter school).

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